Cell Phone Cleaner

Use Cell Sheen to clean any phone; iPhone, Blackberry, LG, Sony and many more.

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Cell Phone Cleaner

Cleans cell phones, PDA, and
Smart Phone Screens Sparkling Bright

Cell Sheen TM, a product exclusively used to clean cell phone, smart phone, and PDA screens, has recently been released from KQ Products INC. The product is non-abrasive, non-toxic, and is applied by rubbing a small amount of the paste directly onto the device screen until the paste disappears. Once the paste disappears the screen is left Clean, Bright, and Shiny. The product has proven to reduce fingers prints and fogging on touch screens, remove smudging from makeup, oil from oily skin, and help keep the screen bright and easily viewable.

Easy to Use


Apply a thin layer of cleaner onto the screen in a back and forth motion with tissue, napkin, cloth or your finger. Let dry to a haze (a few seconds)then wipe off with tissue, cloth etc. Repeat every two to three days to keep your phone resistant to make up, sweat, and spills and keep it germ free.

Small, Easy to use,
Pennies a day

Easily cleans and disinfects Cell phones, PDAs, IPhones, ITouch, Smart Phones, IPods, GPS screens. Small enough to carry in your pocket or purse. About the size of a fifty cent piece. No applicator necessary, use your finger to apply. Costs about 2 pennies a day to keep your unit BRIGHT, SHINY, and FREE of BACTERIA.

Safe to the Environment

  • Non Abrasive

  • Cleans off make-up

  • Reduces Fingerprints Smudging

  • Improves Accuracy Functionality when dialing, emailing surfing the web

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